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Morris, Gouverneur

Born: 1752 AD
Died: 1816 AD
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1752 – Gouverneur Morris, born on the 31st of January in New York City. He was an American statesman and politician.

1768 – He graduated at King’s College (now Columbia University.

1771 – Studied law, and was admitted to the bar.

1776 – 1777 – Served in the New York Provincial Congress.

1777 – 1779 – He served in the Continental Congress and was enthusiastic in his support of George Washington.

1778 – He was selected chairman of the committee to treat with Lord North’s conciliation commissioners, and as such presented the famous report, adopted by a unanimous vote of Congress, which declared that the recognition of independence must precede any negotiations for peace.

1780 – He settled in Philadelphia as a lawyer, and in February he published in Philadelphia a series of essays on finance, in which he criticized the issue of legal-tenders, denounced laws passed for the benefit of the debtor class, and urged the people to tax themselves for the common good.

1781 – 1785 – He was assistant to Robert Morris (no relation), superintendent of finance.

1782 – He prepared an elaborate report on the coinage, suggesting the use of the decimal system and of the terms dollar and cent.

1787 – He bought Morrisania from Staats Long Morris, and returned to New York to live.

1789 – He went to France in February on private business, and remained abroad for nine years, passing most of the time in Paris, London, and the German capitals.

1792 – He acted as financial agent in a daring attempt to secure the escape of the king and queen from Paris.

       – He was appointed United States minister to France.

1798 – He returned to New York.

1800 – 1803 – Resumed the practice of his profession, re-entered politics, and sat in the United States Senate as a Federalist.

1810 – 1816 – He was chairman of the board of canal commissioners, which after exploring the country prepared plans for the Erie Canal.

1812 – He was bitterly opposed to the war, and openly advocated the formation of a northern confederacy to escape the rule of the "Virginia dynasty".

1816 – He died at Morrisania on the 6th of November.

3.1 (61.54%) 13 votes