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Morgan, William

Born: 1829 AD
Died: 1883 AD
3 (59.17%) 24 votes

1829 – An Australian politician was born this year in Bedfordshire, England.


1867 – He was elected to the South Australian Legislative Council.


1875 – He was chief secretary in the second James Boucaut government from this year until March 1876.


1877 – He was chief secretary again in the fourth Boucaut ministry from October this year until September 1878, and when Boucaut became a judge, Morgan reconstructed the ministry.


1878 – He became premier and chief secretary.


1881 – Pressure of private business compelled him to resign.


1883 – He left on a visit to England and he died suddenly at Brighton on the 2nd day of November this year.


3 (59.17%) 24 votes