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Morgan, Daniel

Born: 1736 AD
Died: 1802 AD
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Daniel Morgan is a US Federalist politician and general in American Revolution.

1736 – Born 6th of July in Hunterdon County, New Jersey.

1755 – Hired to accompany the Braddock Expedition against Fort Duquesne.

1758 – Joined a company of Virginia rangers as an ensign. While carrying dispatches from Fort Edward to

Winchester, Virginia, his party of only three men was ambushed.

1762 – Returned to work as a teamster and bought a house in Winchester, he set up housekeeping with Abigail Curry.

1763 – Remained active in the local militia, he was a lieutenant preparing forces to resist the Indian uprising known as Pontiac’s Rebellion.

1773 – Married Abigail Curry they already had two daughters, Nancy and Betty.

         – He prospered at farming, building a farm of 255 acres (1 km²) near Winchester.

1774 – Went to war again in the action known as Dunmore’s War, now as a militia captain.

1775 – Marched them to Boston, Massachusetts in only twenty-one days, arriving on 6 August and led an outstanding group of snipers nicknamed "Morgan’s Sharpshooters".

1777 – Rejoined Washington, Morgan was promoted to colonel for his efforts at Quebec.

1778 – Morgan was among the 372 men captured and remained a prisoner.

1780 – Urged to reenter the service by General Gates, but he declined.

         – On 13 October Morgan received his promotion to Brigadier General.

1781 – Morgan briefly joined Lafayette to once more pursue Banastre Tarleton, this time in Virginia, but they were not successful.

1794 – He was briefly recalled to national service, as he led militia units to suppress the Whiskey Rebellion.

1797-1799 – Representative from Virginia.

1802 – Daniel Morgan died 6th of July at Saratoga, New York.

1821  – Virginia named a new county – Morgan County – in his honor.

2.6 (51.11%) 9 votes