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Moore, Thomas

Born: 1779 AD
Died: 1852 AD
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1779 – Thomas Moore was born on May 28th in Dublin, Ireland.  A poet of wide-ranging capability, his writings often caused him considerable controversy and scandal. His poetic contributions are still considered important enough that he remains, to this day, Ireland’s National Poet.

1784 – At the age of 5, he was able to enroll in a reputable school known as The Classical English School where he earned excellent grades.

1786 – Provisions against educating Catholic children were slightly eased and at the age of 7, Moore’s parents removed him from the English School and put him into the newly eligible and widely sought after, Trinity Prep College.

         – It was also at Trinity College that he encountered his first "real" poet. This poet was teacher Samuel Whyte who dabbled in music, theater and poetry.

1793 – Moore’s parents familiarized him with each of these arts but Whyte swayed him specifically toward literature and at 14, he published his first verses in a new publication, Anthologia Hibernica. Even at this early age, he was well received.

1799 – Moore, finished his college education and took his first trip outside of Ireland to London. He entertained the idea of studying law, but did not seriously pursue it.

1800 – Thomas Moore’s  Odes to Anacreon was published and was very well received. This publication opened the way for more serious publication opportunity and allowed Moore to come into contact with people of considerable influence.
1803 – At one point, his connection with a group known as the Irish Ordinance Board, a committee concerned with the cultural and theatrical life in Dublin, tried to create an Irish Poet Laureate title explicitly for honoring Moore. Moore declined on the basis that he would have to tone down his increasingly political poetry. He also saw the implicit silliness of the matter, as he was only 24 years old.

1817 – Moore published Lalla Rookh with unheard of success. He received a record amount of £3000 for the work and it was translated into almost every known language. It is said that his popularity surpassed that of Lord Byron by a considerable amount.

         – His last work was the multi-volume collection History of Ireland.

1854 – On February 25th, Thomas Moore lapsed into total dementia and died.

2.5 (50%) 4 votes