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Moore, Gordon

Born: 1929 AD
Currently alive, at 89 years of age.
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1929 – Born on the 3rd of January in San Francisco, California.

1950 – Moore studied chemistry at the University of California at Berkeley.

1954 – He received a Ph.D. in chemistry and physics from the California Institute of Technology, Pasadena.

1956 – Moore returned to California to work at Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory, which William Shockley, one of the Nobel Prize-winning inventors of the transistor, had just opened in Palo Alto.

1959 – Moore became director of the new company’s research and development, after cofounder Robert Noyce was elevated from that post to general manager.

1968 – Moore and Noyce left Fairchild to establish Intel Corporation, they decided to merge theory and practice by forcing research scientists and engineers to work directly on the production of chips, especially the magnetic oxide semiconductor memory chips that became Intel’s first big commercial success.

1968-1975 – Moore was vice president of Intel.

1975 – President of Intel.

1987 – Chief executive officer.

1979-1997 – Chairman of the board of directors.

4.3 (86.86%) 35 votes