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Moore, George Edward

Born: 1873 AD
Died: 1958 AD
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1873 – Born on the 4th of November.

         – He went on to study, and later teach, at the University of Cambridge.

1918-1919 – He was president of the Aristotelian Society.

1925 – His essay "A Defence of Common Sense" he argued against idealism and skepticism toward the external world on the grounds that they could not give reasons to accept their metaphysical premises that were more plausible than the reasons we have to accept the common sense claims about our knowledge of the world that skeptics and idealists must deny.

1939 – He famously put the point into dramatic relief with his essay "Proof of an External World", in which he gave a common sense argument against skepticism by raising his right hand and saying "Here is one hand,"

1958 – Died on the 24th of October and was interred in the Burial Ground of Parish of the Ascension, Cambridge, England.

1979 – He was an important member of the secretive Cambridge Apostles, and his life was written by Paul Levy, in Moore: G. E. Moore and the Cambridge Apostles.

2 (40%) 4 votes