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Montgomery, Richard

Born: 1736 AD
Died: 1775 AD
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1736 – He was an American general, born on the 2nd day of December this year in Swords, County Dublin, Ireland.

1763 – When peace was concluded, he went with his regiment to New York. Two years later, the regiment returned to England.

1772 – He resigned his commission in the British service. He sold his commission and decided to move back to New York. He bought a sixty-seven acre farm at King’s Bridge in what is now the Borough of The Bronx of New York City.

1773 – On July 24 of this year, he married Janet Livingston, sister of Robert R. Livingston, a prominent New Yorker who was later on the committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence.

1775 – He was elected to the New York provincial legislature and became the representative of the Continental Congress. He was killed while attempting to capture the city of Quebec during a fierce snow storm on the 31st day of December this year.

1818 – His body was moved to New York City and interred at St. Paul’s Chapel.

1.5 (30%) 2 votes