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Simon V de Montfort (6th Earl of Leicester)

Born: 1208 AD
Died: 1265 AD, at 57 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Earl, Monarch


1208 - Simon V de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester, he was the youngest son of Simon de Montfort, a French nobleman, and Alix de Montmorency. He was the principal leader of the baronial opposition to King Henry III of England.

1218 - He was with his mother at the siege of Toulouse, where his father was killed after being struck on the head by a stone pitched by a mangonel.

1229 - The two surviving brothers (Amaury and Simon) came to an arrangement whereby he gave up his rights in France and Amaury in turn gave up his rights in England.

1238 - Married Eleanor of England, daughter of King John and Isabella of Angouleme and sister of King Henry III.

1240 - Having announced his intention to go on Crusade two years previously, he raised funds and finally set out for the Holy Land in summer, leaving Eleanor in Brindisi, Italy.

1241 - He arrived in Jerusalem by June, when the citizens asked him to be their governor, but does not seem to have ever faced combat in the Holy Land.

1263 - 1264 - Became de facto ruler of England and called the first directly-elected parliament in medieval Europe.

1265 - Died on the 4th of August at the battle of Evesham, and was buried at the nearby abbey.


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