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Montezuma II

Born: 1480 AD
Died: 1520 AD
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1480 – Montezuma was born.

1502 – Montezuma succeeded his uncle Ahuitzotl as the leader of an empire that had reached its greatest extent

         – Montezuma was commander of the army and organized extensive expeditions of conquest, he was also profoundly influenced by his belief in the god, Huitzilopochtli.

         – Montezuma tried to buy off Cortés, but the Spaniard made alliances with those subject tribes who hated Aztec rule.

         – Montezuma’s submission to the Spaniards, however, had eroded the respect of his people. According to Spanish accounts, he attempted to speak to his subjects and was assailed with stones and arrows, suffering wounds from which he died three days later.

1520 – Died on the 30th of June, Tenochtitlán, near modern Mexico City.

2.8 (56.25%) 32 votes