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Monteverdi, Claudio

Born: 1567 AD
Died: 1643 AD
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1567 – He was born on the 15th day of May of this year in Cremona, in Northern Italy. During his childhood, he studied with Marc’Antonio Ingegneri, who was maestro di cappella at the cathedral in Cremona. Monteverdi’s career began at an early age. He published his first pieces, a collection of three-voice motets, at the age of fifteen.

1587 – He produced his first book of secular madrigals, and shortly thereafter began to look for work outside of his native town.


1590 – He began working at the court of Vincenzo I of Gonzaga in Mantua as a vocalist and viol player, and by 1602 he had become conductor there. Until his fortieth birthday, he mainly worked on madrigals, composing nine books of them in all.


1591 – When he went to Mantua as a musician for the Gonzaga court, he had already published books of "spritual madrigals" in 1583, canzonettas in 1584, and his first two books of madrigals in 1587 and 1590.


1607 – In Mantua, he continued writing madrigals, and in this year, produced his first work in the new genre of opera, his setting of Orfeo.


1613 – He was appointed maestro di cappella at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice. He remained in Venice for the rest of his life, writing music in all genres, including his final opera, L’incoronazione di Poppea in 1642.


1628 – His most famous student was Heinrich Schütz, who made his second trip to Venice in this year, taking the new style back with him to Germany and adapting it to the German language.


1632 – Monteverdi was ordained a Catholic priest in this year.


1643 – He died on the 29th day of November this year in Venice. His remains was buried in the church of the Frari.

2.9 (58.82%) 17 votes