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Montaigne, Michel Eyquem de

Born: 1533 AD
Died: 1592 AD
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1533 – Born in the Aquitaine region of France on the 28th of February.

1557 – He was a counselor of the Court des Aides of Périgueux, he was appointed counselor of the Parlement in Bordeaux.

1561-1563 – He was at the court of Charles IX.

1563 – He became very close friends with the humanist writer Étienne de la Boétie whose death deeply influenced Montaigne.

1568 – Montaigne started to work on the first translation of the Spanish monk Raymond Sebond’s Theologia naturalis, which he published a year after his father’s death.

1571 – He retired from public life to the Tower of the Château, Montaigne’s so-called "citadelle", where he almost totally isolated himself from every social affair.

1578 – Montaigne, whose health had always been excellent, started suffering from painful kidney stones, a sickness he had inherited from his father’s family.

1580 – Montaigne traveled in France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy, partly in search for a cure.

1581 – He learned that he had been elected mayor of Bordeaux.

1585 – He returned again moderating between Catholics and Protestants.

1589 – King Henry III was assassinated and Montaigne then helped to keep Bordeaux loyal to Henry of Navarre, who would go on to become King Henry IV.

1592 – Died on the 13th of September at the Château de Montaigne and was buried nearby.

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