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Molay, Jacques de

Born: 1243 AD
Died: 1314 AD
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1243 – Jacques de Molay’s exact date of birth is in some doubt.

1244-1245 – The common imperial age for joining an order was minimum 20 years of age, and thus he most likely would have been born.

1265 – He stated that he entered the order forty-two years earlier, that would mean.

         – He was received into the order at Beaune by Humbert de Pairaud, the Visitor of France and England.

1266 – He was received into the order forty-two years earlier.

1270 – Jacques de Molay went to the East around.

1273 – Independently of Guillaume de Beaujeu, who was elected grand master.

1285 – He spent all his career as a Templar in the East, although he is mentioned to be in France.

1293 – He began a tour to the West which brought him to Provence, Catalonia, Italy, England and France.

1296 – De Molay was back in Cyprus to defend his order against the interests of Henry II of Cyprus, which conflict had its roots back in the days of Guillaume de Beaujeu.

1299 – De Molay was pressing forward an alliance with the Mongols against the Mamluks.

         – Jacques de Molay halted a further Mamluk invasion with military force in Armenia possibly because of the loss of Roche-Guillaume.

1302 – In September the Templars were driven out of Ruad by the attacking Mamluk forces from Egypt, and many were massacred when trapped on the island.

1305 – The newly elected pope Clement V asked the leaders of the military orders of their opinions on a new crusade and the merging of the orders.

1306 – Jacques de Molay was asked by the Pope to write two memoranda, one on each of the issues, which he did during the summer.

1307 – De Molay arrived in France in late November or early December, but nothing is known of his activities during the first five months.

1308 – Jacques retracted his confessions made to the agents of Philippe IV. By then, the affair had resulted in a power struggle between the King and the Pope which was finally settled in August.

1314 – Died on the 18th of March.

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