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Mladic, Ratko

Born: 1943 AD
Currently alive, at 75 years of age.
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1943 – Born on March 12th in Kalinovik Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnian Serb military commander, who is wanted on charges of committing war crimes.

1991 – Mladic is appointed commander of the 9th Corps of the Yugoslav People’s Army in Knin in Croatia.

1992 – Mladic takes command of the 80,000 Yugoslav Army troops stationed in the republic, a force which becomes in effect the Bosnian-Serb Army.

1995 – On 24 July, Karadzic and Mladic are indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia at The Hague on 16 counts, including genocide, crimes against humanity, crimes against civilians and places of worship, the siege of Sarajevo, and the taking of UN peacekeepers as hostages and human shields.

1996 – The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia issues international arrest warrants for Karadzic and Mladic on July 11th.


         – Mladic is dismissed as commander of the Bosnian-Serb Army.

2002 – Mladic, who has continued to live openly in and around the Serbian capital of Belgrade, goes underground in Bosnia-Herzegovina when the Serbian Government agrees to cooperate fully with the International Criminal Tribunal. It is later reported that he is back in Belgrade, living under the protection of the Yugoslav military. He is funded in part by a US$520 a month pension paid to his family by the army.

2.8 (56.36%) 11 votes