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Hiraoka Kimitake (Mishima Yukio)

Born: 1925 AD
Died: 1970 AD, at 45 years of age.

Nationality: Japanese
Categories: Authors


1925 - Born in the Yotsuya district of Tokyo on the 14th of January.

1940 - He was incredibly prolific, a writer of novels, short stories, plays and political and literary criticism.

1947 - He worked as an official in the government's Finance Ministry.


1949 - Confessions of a Mask.


1952 - His personal life got just as much attention as his writing: a trip to Greece Mishima began a strict regimen of body-building, and he became keen on photographing his chiseled physique in poses reminiscent of the death of the Christian martyr St. Sebastian.

1956 - Kinkakuji The Temple of the Golden Pavilion


1965 - His most famous books include Gogo no eiko as The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With the Sea.

         - The Sea of Fertility.


1968 - Founded Shield Society.


         - Sea of Fertility.


1970 - He is one of the most widely-read Japanese authors of the 20th century, due in part to his dramatic suicide.

         - Died on the 25th of November, he delivered the complete manuscript of the last work in his tetralogy, then proceeded with four followers to the headquarters of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, where he read a "manifesto" and then committed seppuku, after which one of his compatriots chopped his head off.




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