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Minuit, Peter

Born: 1580 AD
Died: 1638 AD
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1580 – Peter Minuit was born in Holland. Dutch colonial governor of New Amsterdam who is mainly remembered for his fabulous purchase of Manhattan Island (the nucleus of New York City) from the Indians for a mere 60 guilders.

1625 – He went to the Netherlands.

         – Appointed a director of the Dutch West India Co., he set out for the company’s settlement in America.

1626 – Minuit was one of those who decided to settle in America and became director-general of New Netherlands.

1631 – Because of differences with the company, he was recalled.

1637 – He set out to form a Swedish colony in America.

1638 – The Swedish government employed Minuit to help them establish a colony in America.

         – Peter Minuit was lost and died at sea during trading expedition to West Indies.

3.1 (62.86%) 42 votes