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Miller, Kelly

Born: 1863 AD
Died: 1939 AD
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1863 –  kelly Miller born on the 23rd of July in South Carolina.
He was a leading African-American intellectual for more than half a century, and the first African-American to attend the Johns Hopkins University.

1886 – Graduatied from Howard University.

1887 – 1889 – He was admitted to the graduate program in Johns Hopkins University’s Department of Mathematic. After two years, however, he withdrew from the university without a degree.    

1889 – Re-enrolled in a graduate program at Howard University.

1890 – He ultimately earned a Ph.D. in Mathematics was appointed a professor at Howard.

1895 – 1934 – He introduced Sociology to the curriculum there and was a professor of Sociology.

1907 – 1918 – As Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, he is credited with modernizing the classical curriculum at Howard, and strengthening the university’s programs in the natural and social sciences.

1920 – 1930 – He was also a prolific writer and an outspoken advocate for African-American education. He authored a weekly column that appeared in more than 100 newspapers nationwide.
1939 – Central to his ideas was a belief in providing a comprehensive educational system for African-Americans that would provide both vocational and intellectual instruction. He was also among the leading advocates of education for black children in the United States.

      – He died on the 29th of December.

2.6 (52.31%) 26 votes