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Miller, Dennis

Born: 1953 AD
Currently alive, at 62 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actors, Comedians


1953 – He was born on the 3rd day of November this year in Pennsylvania.


1971 – He graduated from Keystone Oaks High School.


1980 – He hosted The Trolley Show, a Saturday-afternoon newsmagazine for teenagers, on Pittsburgh's KDKA-TV.


1985 - Miller's big break came this year when he was discovered by Lorne Michaels at the Comedy Store.


1990 - Miller released a standup comedy CD, The Off-White Album, based on an HBO special titled Mr. Miller Goes to Washington.


1992 - Following his departure from Saturday Night Live, Miller launched a late night talk show, The Dennis Miller Show, syndicated by Tribune Entertainment. The show was cancelled on the same year.


1994 - Miller hosted Dennis Miller Live, a half-hour talk show on HBO characterized by its simplicity.


2000 – He was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Miller also beat out Rush Limbaugh and Tony Kornheiser (among others) for a job as color commentator on ABC's Monday Night Football.


2003 - He provided short-lived regular commentary for the FOX News show, Hannity & Colmes before moving on to do a prime-time political show on CNBC.


2006 – He returned to Fox News, giving a two and a half minute commentary on illegal immigration during his "Real Free Speech" segment on Hannity & Colmes.


2007 - He signed a deal with Westwood One to launch a three-hour talk radio program.






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  • "Look, we're Americans: optimistic, addicted to the quick fix, constantly on the hunt for the new and exotic. It's much easier for us to accept a guy with a big white beard hawking his own custom blend of saw palmetto and squirrel dandruff that it is to hear a real doctor telling us to lay off the big macs, and get off our fat asses and take a walk every decade or so."
  • "Looking at Capitol Hill is like looking at that Escher picture of the wild geese flying together: makes no fucking sense and occasionally shits on your head."
  • "I am proof that Einstein's"e equals m c squared"is wrong. My mass has increased, but my energy has dropped."
  • "How do we know for sure that no two snowflakes are the same - we haven't got anybody watching."
  • "When I said'we', officer, I was referring to myself, the four young ladies, and, of course, the goat."