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Miller, Alice

Born: 1874 AD
Died: 1942 AD
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1874 – Born on July 28th in New York, New York. An American poet and novelist whose long poem The White Cliffs was immensely successful throughout the English-speaking world.

1895 – She studied mathematics and astronomy at Barnard College beginning, earning her way through publishing short stories, essays and poems in national magazines.

1899 – She graduated in June and married Henry Wise Miller in October of that year.

1915-1917 – She also traveled and worked for woman suffrage, writing a column "Are Women People?" for the New York Tribune. Her columns were published as Are Women People? and more columns as Women are People!.

1940 – Her story, The White Cliffs, is perhaps her best-known story, and its World War II theme of a marriage of an American to a British soldier made it a favorite on both sides of the Atlantic.

1942 – Died on August 22nd in New York.

3.1 (62.86%) 7 votes