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Mickiewicz, Adam

Born: 1798 AD
Died: 1855 AD
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1798 – He was born on the 24th day of December of this year in Zaosye, near Nowogródek, Belorussia, Russian Empire.


1822 – His Poetry, 2 vol. (1822 – 23), was the first major Polish Romantic work; it contained two parts of Forefathers’ Eve, a cycle combining folklore and mystic patriotism.


1823 – Mickiewicz was deported to Russia for his revolutionary activities in this year.


1829 – This year, Mickiewicz left Russia and eventually settled in Paris.


1832 – There, he wrote The Books of Our Pilgrimage, a prose interpretation of the history of the Poles; and his masterpiece, the poetic epic Pan Tadeusz (1834), which describes the life of the Polish gentry in the early 19th century.


1855 – He passed away on the 25th day of November of this year in Constantinople, Tur.

2.1 (42.86%) 7 votes