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Mengistu, Haile Mariam

Born: 1937 AD
Currently alive, at 81 years of age.
3.6 (71.3%) 92 votes

1937 – Born in Kefa province, Ethiopia.

1974 – In June, Mengistu was made chairman of the Armed Forces Coordinating Committee.

         – On the 23rd of November, Mengistu ordered the assassination of the PMAC’s moderate chairman and urged the killing of 60 aristocrats and former officials of the old imperial regime.

1977 – In February, Mengistu, now a lieutenant colonel, survived a battle between his supporters and those of rivals on the PMAC.

1984 – As undisputed ruler of the country, he oversaw the establishment of the Workers’ Party of Ethiopia.

1986 – The drafting of a constitution for Ethiopia.

1987 – The election by a new national legislature of himself as president in September.

1991 – In May, he summarily resigned his post and fled to Zimbabwe. Successor Ethiopian regimes unsuccessfully lobbied the Zimbabwean government for Mengistu’s extradition on charges of genocide.

3.6 (71.3%) 92 votes