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Mengele, Josef

Born: 1911 AD
Died: 1979 AD
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1911 – Born on March 16th in Guenzburg, Germany. German Nazi administrator and physician who was known as the "Angel of Death" and determined who would be experimented upon by examining all new admissions to the camp.

1932 – Josef first became involved with the Nazi party, when he joined the Bund der Frontsoldaten, an organization that was later incorporated into the SA.

1935 – Received his PhD in anthropology from the University of Munich.

1937 – He was a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party.

         – He applied for membership in the Nazi Party and was given a position in the SS.

1938 – Studied medicine and received his Medical Degree from the University of Frankfort.

         – Mengele served some time in the military, but was transferred to the reserve medical corps and he served with a Waffen-SS military unit, specifically the Wiking division.

1939 – Married to Irene Hackenjos on July.

1943 – Mengele was then transferred to the concentration camp at Auschwitz to serve as a replacement for the previous doctor. On May 24th he was appointed medical officer at Auschwitz-Birkenau’s gypsy camp. There, he began performing twisted experiments on prisoners in the camp. He directed operation of gas chambers and performed medical experiments on inmates of Auschwitz death camp.

         – One of his chief fascinations was with identical twins and he had all of the twins in the camp placed in a special barracks. One of his experiments involved attempting to alter the eye color of the victims by injecting chemicals into their eyes. In one particularly horrifying case, he attempted to take normal twins and conjoin them by sewing their bodies and blood vessels together. Another experiment involved submerging people into boiling water to see how long they could survive.

1944 – In August, all of the prisoners in the camp were exterminated and Mengele was transferred to Birkenau, where he was appointed Chief Medical Officer.

1945 – In April, he tried to escape Germany by going west, but he was captured by Allied forces and placed in a prison camp. However, they had no idea who he was and released him.

1949 – Eluded capture after World War II, escaping to South America.

1958 – Married to Martha Mengele on July 25th.

1959 – He was forced to flee Germany again after Nazi Hunters found his address.

         – He became a naturalized Paraguayan citizen.

1961 – He immigrated to Brazil.

1979 – Died on February 17th in Bertioga, Embu, Brazil.

2.9 (58.97%) 39 votes