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Mendel, Gregor Johann

Born: 1822 AD
Died: 1884 AD
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1822 – Born into a German-speaking family in Heinzendorf, Austrian Silesia on the 20th of July.

1843 – He entered the Augustinian Abbey of St. Thomas in Brno.

1851 – He was sent to the University of Vienna to study.

1853 – As a teacher, principally of physics.

1856-1863 – Mendel cultivated and tested some 29,000 pea plants.

1865 – Mendel read his paper, "Experiments on Plant Hybridization", at two meetings of the Natural History Society of Brünn in Moravia.

1866 – Mendel’s paper was published in Proceedings of the Natural History Society of Brünn, it had little impact and was cited about three times over the next thirty-five years.

1868 – His scientific work largely ended as Mendel became consumed with his increased administrative responsibilities, especially a dispute with the civil government over their attempt to impose special taxes on religious institutions.

1884 – Died on the 6th of January in Brno, Austria-Hungary, from chronic nephritis.


3.2 (63.7%) 27 votes