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Memling, Hans

Born: 1430 AD
Died: 1494 AD
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1430 – Hans Memling, born on this year in Seligenstadt, SWC Germany. He was a Flemish painter, born in Germany, who was the last major fifteenth century artist in the Netherlands, the successor to Jan van Eyck and Rogier van der Weyden, whose tradition he continued with little innovation.  He was also an original and creative portrait painter.

1465 – He lived mostly in Bruges, and was probably a pupil of Rogier van der Weyden.

1468 – His works include the triptych of the ‘Madonna Enthroned’ at Chatsworth.

1479 – Painted the ‘Marriage of St Catherine’.

1489 – Made the ‘Shrine of St Ursula’, both at Bruges.

1491 –  Painted the Lübeck Cathedral (Dom) of Lübeck, now in Lübeck’s St. Annen Museum.

1494 – Died on the 11th of August in Bruges, Belgium.

1495 – The trustees of his will appeared before the court of wards at Bruges on December, and we gather from records of that date and place that he left behind several children and a considerable property.

2 (40%) 2 votes