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McLean, John

Born: 1785 AD
Died: 1861 AD
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1785 – Born on March 11th in New Jersey.

1803 – McLean moved to Cincinnati, where he studied law under Arthur St. Clair’s son. He supported himself by working as a copyist in the clerk’s office of Hamilton County.

1807 – The State of Ohio admitted him to the bar.

1812 – McLean embarked on a political career. Voters in Cincinnati elected McLean to represent them in the United States House of Representatives.

1814 – He was reelected to his seat unanimously. Before the end of his second term, the Ohio legislature appointed McLean as a justice of the Ohio Supreme Court.

1816-1822 – McLean held this office, when President James Monroe appointed him as a commissioner of the Federal Land Office.

1829 – President Andrew Jackson appointed McLean to the United States Supreme Court on March 7th.

1836 – McLean’s prominence as a justice on the Supreme Court led numerous people to consider him for the presidency. The Whig Party considered him as a possible candidate.

1848 – Both the Liberty Party and the Free Soil Party debated running him as their candidate.

         – McLean, however, never became a candidate for president.

1861 – He remained a justice on the Supreme Court until his death on April 4th.

3.3 (65.33%) 15 votes