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McKenna, Frank

Born: 1948 AD
Currently alive, at 70 years of age.
3.1 (61.74%) 23 votes

1948 – Born on the 19th of January in Apohaqui, New Brunswick, Canada.

1982 – He entered provincial politics and won a seat in the Legislative Assembly of New Brunswick in the election to represent Chatham.

1985 – He became leader of the provincial Liberals.

1987 – Won the largest electoral victory in Canadian history when his party won every seat in the legislature.

1997 – Believing ten years was long enough for a premier to hold office, and having pledged to serve such a term when first elected, McKenna resigned in 10 years to the day of the election.

2005 – On the 5th of January, Prime Minister Paul Martin’s office confirmed that McKenna would be the 21st Ambassador to the United States.

         – On the 22nd of February, McKenna told reporters Canada was already a part of the U.S. National Missile Defense

         – McKenna generated controversy after giving a luncheon speech on the 29th of September, to a Toronto business club.

2006 – On the 25th of January, McKenna offered his resignation as Ambassador, writing to Prime Minister-designate Stephen Harper that he wished to be relieved of his duties, but offering to stay on until his successor is chosen.

         – He was succeeded as ambassador by Michael Wilson on the 13th of March.

3.1 (61.74%) 23 votes