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Maxwell, Frank

Born: 1916 AD
Died: 2004 AD
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1884 – Born in Nashville, Tennessee on the 3rd of February.

1901 – He graduated from the city’s Montgomery Bell Academy.

1902 – He entered the United States Military Academy at West Point in July.

1914 – His commanding officer in the Second Cavalry vetoed his application to shift to Army Signal Corps air duty in February, a decision that held firm despite a plea from the Chief Signal Officer’s for reconsideration by higher-ups.

1917 – In April, Andrews was transferred, over the objections of his cavalry commander, to the Aviation Section of the Army Signal Corps.

1918 – Andrews went to Rockwell Field, California, in April.

1923 – Andrews assumed command of Kelly Field, Texas, and he became the first commandant of the advanced flying school established there.

1928 – He attended the Air Corps Tactical School at Langley Field, Virginia, and the following year he went to the Army Command and General School at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

1933 – Graduation from the Army War College.

1934 – Andrews returned to the General Staff.

1935 – In March, Andrews took command of the newly formed General Headquarters Air Force, which consolidated all the Army Air Corps’ tactical units under a single commander.

1939 – In March, at the end of Andrews’ term at GHQ, he was reduced in rank, exiled to a remote air base and expected to retire.

1940 – Andrews assumed control of the Army’s Panama Air Force.

1941 – He became commander of the Caribbean Defense Command, which had the critically important duty during World War II of defending the southern approaches to the United States, including the vital Panama Canal.

1942 – General Andrews went to North Africa, where he spent three months in command of all United States forces in the Middle East from a base in Cairo.

1943 – At the Casablanca Conference in January, Lieut. Gen. Andrews was appointed commander of all United States forces in the European Theater of Operations.

         – On the 3rd of May, the B-24 carrying Andrews on an inspection tour crashed in Mt. Fagradalsfjall on the Reykjanes peninsula after an aborted attempt to land at the Royal Air Force Base at Kaldadarnes, Iceland.

3.4 (68.57%) 7 votes