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Maury, Matthew Fontaine

Born: 1806 AD
Died: 1873 AD
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1806 – Matthew Fontaine Maury was born on January 14th near Fredericksburg, Virginia.

1825 – Maury made his first three extended voyages to Europe, around the world, and to the Pacific coast of South America.

1834 – Maury married Ann Hull Herndon and settled in Fredericksburg.

         – Maury produced published works on sea navigation and detailing sea journeys. He also began writing political essays pushing for navy reform.

1842 – Maury was appointed superindent of the Depot of Charts and Instruments of the Navy Department in Washington.

1853 – Maury had become internationally recognized for his work. He was sent to an international congress at Brussels as the United States representative.

1855 – He published The Physical Geography of the Sea, which is now credited as "the first textbook of modern oceanography".

1861 – On April 20th, three days after Virginia succeeded from the Union, Maury resigned from the United States Navy.

1872 – Maury returned to Lexington, Virginia to accept the position of professor of meteorology at Virginia Military Institute. Maury became ill during one of his lecturing tours.

1873 – He died several months later on February 1st .

2.5 (49.23%) 13 votes