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Matsuo, Munefusa (Matsuo, Basho)

Born: 1644 AD
Died: 1694 AD, at 50 years of age.

Nationality: Japanese
Categories: Poets


1644 - Born near Ueno in Iga Province. Japanese poet, considered the finest writer of Japanese haiku during the formative years of the genre.

1667 - He lived in Edo (now Tokyo), where he began to compose haiku.

1684 - Basho made several journeys, drawing from them more images to inspire his contemplative poetry. He also collaborated with local poets on the linked-verse forms known as renga.

1689 - Basho wrote haibun, brief prose-and-poetry travelogues such as Oku-no-hosomichi (The Narrow Road to the Far North), that are absolutely nonpareil in the literature of the world.

1694 - Died on November 28th in Osaka, Japan.


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