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Masters, Edgar Lee

Born: 1868 AD
Died: 1950 AD
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1868 – He was born on August 23 of this year in Garnett, Kansas, where his father had briefly moved to set up a law practice.


1880 – His family moved to Lewistown, Illinois, where he attended high school and had his first publication in the Chicago Daily News.


1889 – He attended The Knox Academy from this year until 1890. A defunct preparatory program run by Knox College, but was forced to leave due to his family’s inability to finance his education.


1898 – He married Helen M. Jenkins, the daughter of a lawyer in Chicago, and had three children. He published several other volumes of poems including Book of Verses in this year.


1903 – During his law partnership with Clarence Darrow, from this year until 1908, Masters defended the poor.


1911 – He started his own law firm, despite the three years of unrest (1908-1911) due to extramarital affairs and an argument with Darrow.


1914 – He truly began developing as a notable American poet, when he began submitting a series of poems (this time under the pseudonym Webster Ford) about his childhood experiences in Western Illinois, which was published in Reedy’s Mirror, a St. Louis publication.


1915 – His series was bound into a volume and re-titled Spoon River Anthology.


1936 – He was awarded the Mark Twain Silver Medal this year.


1941 – He was awarded at the Poetry Society of America medal in this year.


1942 – He was awarded at the Academy of American Poets Fellowship.


1944 – He received an award in the Shelly Memorial Award in this year.


1950 – He died March 5 of this year. He was buried in Oakland cemetery in Petersburg, Illinois.













2.8 (55.71%) 14 votes