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Maslow, Abraham Harold

Born: 1908 AD
Died: 1970 AD, at 62 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Philosophers, Psychologists


1908 - Born on the 1st of April in Brooklyn, New York.


1930-1934 - Attended the University of Wisconsin from which he received his B.A. (1930), his M.A. (1931), and his Ph.D. (1934) in psychology.


Began teaching full time at Brooklyn College.


1951-1961 - Chairman of the psychology department at Brandeis University, where he began his theoretical work.


1954 - Wrote "Motivation and Personality" 1954, "Toward a Psychology of Being" 1962.


Diagram of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, represented as a pyramid with more primitive needs at the bottom.


Maslow's primary contribution to psychology is his Hierarchy of Human Needs.


Pioneer of humanistic psychology.


1970 - Retired to California, where he died 8th of June because of heart attack.




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  • "Only the flexibly creative person can really manage the future, Only the one who can face novelty with confidence and without fear."
  • "If the only tool you have is a hammer, you tend to see every problem as a nail."
  • "A musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write if he is to be ultimately at peace with himself. What one can be, one must be."
  • "We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with. We already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings."
  • "Be nice to your kids. They'll choose your nursing home."