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Martinus Quintus

Born: 1368 AD
Died: 1431 AD
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1368 AD – Martin V, Oddone Colonna or Odo Colonna in Genazzano, near Rome, Italy. The son of Agapito Colonna and Caterina Conti, he belonged to one of the oldest and most distinguished families of Rome.


1417-1431 AD – He was elected Pope on St. Martin’s Day, November 11 at the Council of Constance by a conclave consisting of twenty-three cardinals and thirty delegates of the council, which after deposing antipope John XXIII, had long experienced much perplexity from the conflicting claims of Pope Gregory XII and antipope Benedict XIII.


1418 AD – He left Constance at the close of the council in May, but travelled slowly through Italy, lingered at Florence.


1420 AD – He did not venture to enter Rome until September, when his first task was to seek to restore it to the prosperity and order to which it had become a stranger.


1423 AD – In accordance with the decree of Constance, confirmed by himself, ordering that councils should be held every five years, he summoned the council which met at Pavia and afterwards at Siena.


1431 AD – Died in Rome, Italy on the 20th of February.

3.6 (72%) 45 votes