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Marshall, William

Born: 1146 AD
Died: 1219 AD
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1146 – He was born this year and as a younger son, becoming a knight was his natural choice of a path to success and survival.

1170 – He was appointed head of the mesnie (military) household of the young Prince Henry by King Henry II.

1173 – He knighted the young Henry, and thereby became Henry’s lord in chivalry.

1187 – Henry II granted Marshal his first fief in Lancashire this year. With this fief Marshal became a vassal of King Henry II and swore fealty to him as his lord and his king.

1188 – Until Henry II’s death this year, William Marshal served as his knight, his counselor, and his ambassador.

1199 – He served King Richard faithfully as knight until his untimely death. He supported John as heir to the throne rather than John’s nephew, Arthur of Brittany. It was King John who belted Marshal and created him Earl of Pembroke on the same day.

1216 – On the death of John, he was chosen by his peers in England as regent for the nine year old Henry III. Henry was knighted and then crowned under the seal of the Earl of Pembroke.

1217 – He was the main force and impetus for the defeat of Philip II of France, even leading the attack to relieve Lincoln castle in May this year.

1219 – He died this year.

3.2 (63.64%) 11 votes