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Marshall, John Ross, Sir

Born: 1912 AD
Died: 1988 AD
2 (40%) 5 votes

1912 – Born on the 5th of March in Wellington, New Zealand.

1934 – He studied at Victoria University College (now Victoria University of Wellington) and gained his degree

             LLB (a degree of Bachelor of Laws in New Zealand.

1935 – He gained his LLM (Master of Laws) in Victoria University College.

1941 – He entered New Zealand army during the advent of World War II.

1945 – He was assigned to a unit sent to reinforce New Zealand forces in the Middle East.

1946 – He was a candidate of National Party for the new Wellington seat of Mt Victoria election, and won the

            seat by 911 votes.

1951 – He became Minister of Health in New Zealand.

1957 – He became the deputy leader of the Opposition.

1972 – On the 7th of February, he became the Prime Minister of New Zealand.

1974 – He resign in his position as a Prime Minister of New Zealand.

1988 – He died on the 30th of August.

2 (40%) 5 votes