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Marshall, John

Born: 1755 AD
Died: 1835 AD
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1755 – Born on September 24th in Midland, Virginia. The American jurist John Marshall, chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court.

1778 – Marshall served first as lieutenant and after July as captain in the Continental Army during the War of Independence.

1781 – He resigned his commission early and was admitted to the bar after a brief course of study, first practiced in Fauquier county; and after two years began to practice in Richmond.

1782 – He was a member of the Virginia Assembly.

         – Married to Mary Willis Ambler.

1788 – He took a leading part in the Virginia Convention called to act on the proposed constitution for the United States, with James Madison ably urging the ratification of that instrument.

1795-1796 – George Washington offered him the attorney-generalship and after the retirement of James Monroe, the position of minister to France.

1800 – He was the United States Secretary of State.

1801- He was appointed as the United States Chief Justice.

1835 – Died on July 6th in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

2.9 (58.33%) 12 votes