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John Churchill (Marlborough Duke Of)

Born: 1650 AD
Died: 1722 AD, at 72 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: General


1650 - Born on the 26th of May. 1667 - On the 14th of September, soon after his 17th birthday, he obtained a commission as ensign in the King's Own Company in the 1st Guards, later to become the Grenadier Guards. 1668 - His career was further advanced when, Churchill sailed for the North African outpost of Tangier, recently acquired as part of the dowry of Charles' Portuguese wife, Catherine of Braganza. 1675 - Sarah was about fifteen when Churchill returned from the Continent, and he appears to have been almost immediately captivated by her charms and not inconsiderable good looks. 1677-1678 - Colonel Churchill married Sarah sometime in the winter, possibly in the apartments of the Duchess of York.          - Churchill, promoted to Lieutenant General, was still at his king's side but un-characteristic displays of disloyalty, showing "the greatest transports of joy imaginable" at the desertion of Lord Cornbury, led to entreaties from Feversham for his arrest. 1689 - In April, as part of William's coronation honours, Churchill was created Earl of Marlborough. 1690 - William's decisive victory at the Boyne on the 11th of July had forced James to abandon his army and flee back to France. 1692 - On the 20th of January, the Earl of Nottingham, Secretary of State, ordered Marlborough to dispose of all his posts and offices, both civil and military, and consider himself dismissed from the army and banned from court. 1722 - Died on the 27th of June.


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