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Born: 1045 AD
Died: 1093 AD
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1045 – Saint Margaret was the sister of Edgar Ætheling, the heir to the Anglo-Saxon Throne of England was born.She married Malcolm III, King of Scots, becoming his Queen consort. Margaret and Malcolm had eight children, six sons and two daughters.


1067 – Agatha her mother, decided to leave Northumberland with her children and return to the Continent, but a storm drove their ship to Scotland where they sought the protection of King Malcolm III.


1093 – Her husband, Malcolm, and their eldest son, Edward, were killed in siege against the English at Alnwick Castle on the 13th of November. Her son Edmund was left with the task of telling his mother of their deaths.


        – Margaret was ill, and she died on 16th of November, three days after the deaths of her husband and eldest son. Her children tried to hide the fact of their father’s and brother’s deaths, but when Margaret did find out she either died of sadness or a broken heart.


1251 – Was canonised by Pope Innocent IV on account of her personal holiness and fidelity to the Church. She would personally serve orphans and the poor every day before she herself would eat, and would rise at midnight to attend church services every night.

2.8 (55.24%) 21 votes