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Marcus Valerius Martialis

Born: 3803 AD
Died: 1030 AD
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38? AD – Born on March 1st in a Roman colony in Spain along the Salo River. A Roman poet who brought the Latin epigram to perfection and provided in it a picture of Roman society during the early empire that is remarkable both for its completeness and for its accurate portrayal of human foibles.


64 AD – Martial made his way to the capital of the empire and attached himself as client to the powerful and talented family of the Senecas, who were Spaniards like himself.


65-80 AD – He published "Liber Spectaculorum" (On the Spectacles), a small volume of poems to celebrate the consecration of the Colosseum.


84-85 AD – Appeared two undistinguished books with Greek titles "Xenia" and "Apophoreta"; these consist almost entirely of couplets describing presents given to guests at the December festival of the Saturnalia.


86-98 AD – Books I and II of the "Epigrams" were published.


         – Martial returned to Spain, new books of the "Epigrams" were issued at more or less yearly intervals.


102 AD – After 34 years in Rome, Martial returned to Spain, where his last book (numbered XII) was published.


103 AD – Died in Bilbilis, Hispania (Spain).

3.2 (63.53%) 17 votes