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Marcus Antonius

Born: -083 AD
Died: -300 AD
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83 AC – He was born this year in Rome.


54 AC – He became a member of the staff of Caesar’s armies in Gaul and early Germany.


47 AC – He was made Master of the Horse, the dictator’s right hand man, and in this capacity remained in Italy as the peninsula’s administrator.


46 AC – He seems to have taken offense because Caesar insisted on payment for the property of Pompey, which Antony professedly had purchased, but had in fact simply appropriated.


45 AC – He met the dictator at Narbo, and rejecting the suggestion of Trebonius that he should join in the conspiracy that was already afoot.


44 AC – He was chosen as partner for Caesar’s fifth consulship.


43 AC – His forces were defeated at the Battles of Forum Gallorum and Mutina, forcing Antony to retreat to Transalpine Gaul. However, both consuls were killed, leaving Octavian in sole command of their armies.


42 AC – He met Caesar’s former lover, Cleopatra when he set out in Egypt. He wanted Cleopatra for Egypt’s wealth, and she wanted Anthony for the Roman armies under his control.


39 AC – He sailed to Greece with his new wife, where he behaved in a most extravagant manner, assuming the attributes of the god Dionysus.


33 AC – He divorced Octavia and accused Octavian of being a social upstart, of usurping power, and of forging the adoption papers by Caesar.


32 AC – His powers was deprived by the Senate, and declared war against Cleopatra. Both consuls Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus and Gaius Sosius, and a third of the Senate abandoned Rome to meet Antony and Cleopatra in Greece.


31 AC – He and Cleopatra’s navy was destroyed, and they were forced to escape to Egypt with 60 ships.


30 AC – He commits suicide on August this year in the mistaken belief that Cleopatra had already done so.

3 (60.56%) 36 votes