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Magellan, Ferdinand

Born: 1480 AD
Died: 1521 AD
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1480 – Born in Villa Real, Portugal.


1505 – Set sail on his first voyage at the age of 25.


1506 – Went to East Indies and participated in military and exploratory expeditions to Spice Islands (Malacca Island).


1510 – 1513 – He was promoted to the rank of captain. However, he was ordered to return to Portugal and lost his commission after sailing without permission.


1514 – Asked for an increase of pension but was denied by the king and later on renounce his nationality as a Portuguese.


1517 – Offered his services to the king of Spain to fund the expedition to find a westward route to Moluccas in order for Spain to gain wealth and surpass other countries.


1519 – Started his journey to Moluccas from Sanlucar de Barrameda with 5 ships and 270 men.


1520 – Reached Rio de la Plata on January 10th. One of his ships sank because of the mutiny. He gave the name Mar Pacifico (Pacific Ocean) to the waters that they passed because of its calmness.


1521 – Landed at the island of Homonhon in the Philippines and was killed by Lapu lapu on the 27th of April.

3.9 (77.23%) 130 votes