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Mackenzie, William Lyon

Born: 1795 AD
Died: 1861 AD
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1795 – Born on March 12th in Dundee, East Scotland, United Kingdom.

1820 – Mackenzie arrived in upper Canada and, after a few years in business at Dundas, moved to Queenston.

1824 – He published the first issue of the Colonial Advocate, which immediately became a leading voice of the new Reform movement.

         – To be closer to the provincial Parliament, Mackenzie moved his operation to York [Toronto].

1828 – His forthright and forceful manner together with his ardent denunciation of the Family Compact contributed much to his popularity and he was easily elected to the House of Assembly for York County.

1837 – He published in his paper a declaration of Canadian independence, headed a band of reform-minded insurgents, and after a skirmish with a superior force, fled to the USA, where he was imprisoned.

1849 – He returned to Canada and become a journalist and MP.

2.1 (42.86%) 7 votes