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Machado, Antonio

Born: 1875 AD
Died: 1939 AD
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Spanish lyric poet.


1875 – Born on the 26th of July in Seville.


1899 – Traveled with his brother to Paris to work as translators for a French publisher.


1901 – Wrote his poems published in the literary journal ‘Electra’.


1907 – Published his work with the title Soledades. Galerías. Otros Poemas.


1909 – Married Leonor Izquierdo  daughter of the owners of the boarding house Machado was staying in.


1916 – Published Campos de Castilla published along with the first edition of Nuevas canciones.


1919-1931 – Professor of French in Segovia then he moved here to be nearer to Madrid, where Manuel lived.


1936 – Francisco Franco launched his coup d’état.


1938 – Machado was evacuated with his elderly mother and uncle to Valencia, and then to Barcelona.


1939 – On the 22nd of February that Antonio Machado died, just three days before his mother.




2 (40%) 10 votes