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Macdonald, Angus Lewis

Born: 1890 AD
Died: 1954 AD
2.9 (58.15%) 65 votes

1890 – Born on the 10th of August.

1924 – He was a professor at Dalhousie Law School located in Canada.

1931 – He was elected leader of the  Nova Scotia Liberal Party (a political party in Canada).

1937 – He was engaged in a large scale highway building initiative that created jobs in Canada.

1940 – He was Minister of Defense for Naval Services in Canada.

1942 – He won the seat representing Kingston, Ontario in the Canadian House of Commons by acclamation.

         – He was responsible for the wartime expansion of the Royal Canadian Navy.

1954 – On the 13th of April, he died after suffering a  heart attack.

2.9 (58.15%) 65 votes