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MacNeice, Louis

Born: 1907 AD
Died: 1963 AD
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1907 – Born on the 12th of September in Belfast, Ireland.

1921 – He was an enthusiastic sportsman, something which continued when he moved to Marlborough College, having won a classical scholarship.

1925 – In November, he was awarded a "Postmastership" scholarship to Merton College, Oxford, and he left Marlborough in the summer of the following year.

1928 – He was introduced to the classics don John Beazley and his stepdaughter Mary Ezra.

1930 – Married Giovanna Marie Thérèse Babette.

1933 – Started to write poetry again, and in January, he and Auden led the first edition of Geoffrey Grigson’s magazine New Verse.

1936 – His translation of Aeschylus’s Agamemnon was published, and produced by the Group Theatre (London).

1939 – A lectureship at Cornell University was organised, and in December, he sailed for America, leaving his son in Ireland.

1941 – He was employed by the BBC.

1947 – The BBC sent him to report on Indian independence and partition, and he continued to produce plays for the corporation, including a six-part radio adaptation of Goethe’s Faust.

1953 – Wrote Autumn Sequel, a long autobiographical poem in terza rima, which critics compared unfavourably with Autumn Journal.

1957 – Another poorly received collection of poems, Visitations, was published.

1958 – He was awarded the CBE in the 58′ New Year’s Honours list.

1963 – He went caving in Yorkshire to gather sound effects for his final radio play, Persons from Porlock.

       – He was admitted to hospital on the 27th of August, dying there on the 3rd of September.

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