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MacArthur, Douglas

Born: 1880 AD
Died: 1964 AD
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1880 – Born on January 26th in Little Rock, Arkansas. An American general who commanded the Southwest Pacific Theatre in World War II, administered postwar Japan during the Allied occupation that followed, and led United Nations forces during the first nine months of the Korean War.

1903 – He was graduated from West Point with the highest honours in his class and served the next 10 years as an aide and a junior engineering officer, following this with four years on the general staff.

1914 – He spent several months with the U.S. troops that occupied Veracruz, Mexico.

1917-1919 – On the 42nd Division’s staff, MacArthur was variously chief of staff, brigade commander, and divisional commander during combat operations in France during World War I and in the Rhine occupation that followed.

1920-1928 – Initiated far-reaching reforms while superintendent at West Point, served on William (“Billy”) Mitchell’s court-martial, held two commands in the Philippines, commanded two U.S. corps areas, and headed the American Olympic Committee.

         – MacArthur married Louise Cromwell Brooks, but the childless union ended in divorce seven years later.

1930 – Having advanced in rank to brigadier general and to major general seven years later, MacArthur was promoted to general when he was selected as army chief of staff.

1932 – MacArthur was widely criticized when he sent regular troops to oust the Bonus Army of veterans from Washington.

1935-1941 – He served as Philippines military adviser (and field marshal), endeavoring, despite inadequate funds, to build a Filipino defense force.

He retired from the U.S. Army.

He married Jean Faircloth; Arthur, their only child, was born in Manila the next year.

1942 – Recalled to active duty, MacArthur conducted a valiant delaying action against the Japanese in the Philippines after war erupted in December. He was ordered to Australia in Marchto command Allied forces in the Southwest Pacific Theater.

1943-1944 – He soon launched an offensive in New Guinea that drove the Japanese out of Papua by January. In a series of operations, MacArthur’s troops seized strategic points in New Guinea from Lae to Sansapor, while capturing the Admiralties and western New Britain.

After winning a decision to invade the Philippines next rather than Formosa, MacArthur attacked Morotai, Leyte, and Mindoro.

He was promoted to general of the army in December and was appointed commander of all U.S. army forces in the Pacific four months later.

1945 – His largest, costliest operations occurred during the seven-month Luzon campaign. That spring he also undertook the reconquest of the southern Philippines and Borneo.

1946-1951 – As Allied commander of the Japanese occupation, MacArthur effectively if autocratically directed the demobilization of Japanese military forces, the expurgation of militarists, the restoration of the economy, and the drafting of a liberal constitution.

1952 – MacArthur accepted the board chairmanship of the Remington Rand Corporation.

1964 – He died in Washington, D.C., on April 5th and was buried at Norfolk, Virginia.

3 (60%) 74 votes