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Lyly, John

Born: 1554 AD
Died: 1606 AD
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1554 – Born in Kent, England.

1573-1575 – At the age of sixteen, according to Anthony Wood, he became a student at Magdalen College, Oxford, where he proceeded to his bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

1578 – He began his literary career by the composition of Euphues, or the Anatomy of Wit, which was licensed to Gabriel Cawood in December.

1579 – He was incorporated M.A. at the University of Cambridge, and possibly saw his hopes of court advancement dashed by the appointment in July of Edmund Tylney to the office of Master of the Revels, a post at which he had been aiming.

1589 – Published a tract in the Martin Marprelate controversy, called Pappe with an hatchet, alias a figge for my Godsonne; Or Crack me this nut; Or a Countrie Cuffe, etc.

1590 – His works steadily declined in influence and reputation.

1593 – Wrote "Thirteen yeres your highnes servant but yet nothing.

1606 – He died poor and neglected in the early part of James I’s reign. He was buried in London at St Bartholomew the Less on the 20th of November.


1.5 (30%) 4 votes