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Luther, Martin

Born: 1483 AD
Died: 1546 AD
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1483 – Born on November 10th in Eisleben, Saxony. German priest and scholar whose questioning of certain church practices led to the Protestant Reformation.

1491 – Moved to Mansfeld, where Hans Luther worked in the copper mines, prospering enough to be able to rent several furnaces and to obtain a position among the councillors of the little town.

1501 – He matriculated in arts at the University of Erfurt, one of the oldest and best attended universities in Germany.

1502 – He took the usual arts course and graduated with the B.A. degree.

1505 – He took his Master of Arts degree, placing second among 17 candidates.

– Entered the monastery at Erfurt on July 17th.

1506 – Luther made his profession as a monk in September and was then prepared for ordination.

1507 – He was ordained priest in April and his first mass took place at the beginning of May.

1509 – Luther took the degree of baccalaureus biblicus at Wittenberg, returning to Erfurt for his next degree, of sententiarius, which involved expounding on the Sentences, a medieval theological textbook by Peter Lombard.

1511-1515 – He had been preaching in his monastery and he became preacher in the parish church.

1517 – Penned a series of theses against the Scholastic theologians, which he offered to defend at other universities.

1521 – He was excommunicated from the Church. Initially, Luther was a fugitive in his homeland, hidden away by friends.

1546 – He died on February 18th in Eisleben after serving as an arbiter in a dispute between the brothers Gebhard and Albrecht von Mansfeld..

2.9 (57.45%) 47 votes