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Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix

Born: -138 AD
Died: -780 AD
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138 AC – Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix (Latin: L·CORNELIVS·L·F·P·N·SVLLA·FELIX), usually known simply as Sulla, was a Roman general and dictator. Sulla was born into a branch of the Cornelii gens, of impeccable Patrician background, but his family, by the time of his birth, had fallen to an impoverished condition.


112 AC – The Jugurthine War had started but Roman legions under Quintus Caecilius Metellus had been taking what was seen as an excessive amount of time. Gaius Marius, a lieutenant and client of Metellus saw an opportunity to usurp his commander and fed rumours of incompetence and delay to the publicanii (merchants) in the region.


107 AC – Was nominated quaestor to Gaius Marius, the renowned Roman general, who had been elected consul for that year. Marius was taking control of the Roman army in the war against King Jugurtha of Numidia in northern Africa.


104 AC – The migrating Germanic tribes of the Cimbri and the Teutones seemed headed for Italy. Sulla continued to serve on Marius’ staff during this campaign. Due to the immediate threat facing the city.


97 AC – Elected ‘Praetor urbanus’. According to rumour, this was done through massive bribery. The next year he was appointed pro consule to the province of Cilicia (in modern Turkey). While in the East, Sulla was the first Roman magistrate to meet a Parthian ambassador, Orobazus, and by taking the seat between the Parthian ambassador and the ambassador from Pontus (the center seat being the place of honour), he sealed, perhaps unintentionally, the Parthian ambassador’s fate. Orobazus was executed upon his return to Parthia for allowing Sulla to outmaneuver him.


92 AC – Repulsed Tigranes the Great of Armenia from Cappadocia. Later, Sulla left the East and returned to Rome, where he aligned himself with the Optimates in opposition to Gaius Marius.


79 AC – Retires completely from political life.


78 AC – Died after a brief illness. The symptoms described in contemporary accounts indicate that the cause of death was liver failure, brought on by a lifetime of hard work and hard partying. His funeral was stupendous, and not matched until the death of Augustus in 14.

2.9 (57.58%) 33 votes