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Lucifer Calaritanus

Born: 3XX0 AD
Died: 3710 AD
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353-371 AD – Lucifer or Lucifer Calaritanus was a bishop of Cagliari in Sardinia and Christian saint known for his passionate opposition to Arianism and proclaimed as Pope.


354 AD – At the Council of Milan, he defended Athanasius of Alexandria, and he opposed the Arians so powerfully that they had the Emperor Constantius II (an Arian sympathizer) confine Lucifer for three days in the palace.


355 AD – As legate of Pope Liberius he went to the council at Milan that Constantius disbanded by exiling the Catholic delegates.


362 AD – Bitter against those who seemed to submit to Arianism, and on his return to Sardinia, he formed a sect of his own, barring all who had strayed into Arianism at all. His peremptory consecration of a bishop for Antioch (outside his jurisdiction) perpetuated the schism of Meletius.


371 AD – Died to unknown cause.

2.8 (55.7%) 79 votes