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Lowell, Francis Cabot

Born: 1775 AD
Died: 1817 AD
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1775 – Francis Cabot Lowell was born on April 7th in Newburyport, Massachusetts. American textile industrialist.

1793 – Graduated from Harvard and worked in his uncle’s mercantile firm.

1810 – He traveled to England for heath reasons and was impressed by the textile factories in Lancashire.

1812 – Joined his Nathan Appleton and his brother-in-law, Patrick Jackson, to found the Boston Manufacturing Company in Waltham, Massachusetts.

1816 – Lowell successfully lobbied to add cotton to the United States Tariff Act. Known for his concern for his workers, he established a housing and living complex for his employees, with educational and other amenities.

1817 – Lowell died on August 10th in Boston, Massachusetts.

3.2 (64.83%) 29 votes