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Louis XV

Born: 1710 AD
Died: 1774 AD
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1710 – Born Louis, Duke of Anjou at Versailles on the 15th of February.

1714 – In August, he had made a will which granted a prominent role in the anticipated regency to his two legitimised sons by his former mistress, Madame de Montespan, the Duc de Maine and the Comte de Toulouse.

1715 – Louis succeeded to the throne on the death of his great-grandfather Louis XIV.

1725- His marriage to Princess Marie Leszczynska of Poland  led to France’s involvement in the War of the Polish Succession

1726 – He chose André Hercule de Fleury as his chief minister.

1734 – His administration was successful and peaceful, when a disputed succession in Poland brought about the interference of France on behalf of the queen’s father.

1740-1748 – Louis’s mistresses, particularly the marchioness de Pompadour, held considerable political influence. Louis brought France into the War of the Austrian Succession.

         – His own influence became perceptible only after Fleury’s death.

1774 – Died on the 10th of May.

2 (40%) 4 votes